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What is ORI COIN?

ORI is a versatile cryptocurrency (digital money) based on the Ethereum blockchain framework, It is ERC20 compliant and compatible with existing ERC20 wallets

Basically, ORI will be used to conduct like bonus form but unlimited, you can see ORI in promotion campaigns, discounts, sale campaigns in e-commerce.

These forms are the motivation of the community and allow to convert values between users easily, fast and seamless. It will be bought and sold, traded with other cryptocurrency on the trading floor.


ORI Ecosystem

The ORI ecosystem consists of six elements - six connected by ORI. These six areas have a symbiotic relationship, share and complement with each other, promote the development of each element, and decide on the value and the development of ORI includes: investment, trade , community transactions, payment and solution appliances in business.

"ORI will develop the investment model follows the direction of Lending that is preferred. This is the right time for the big boom project. ORI combines ICO with Lending model and uses Multi-level marketing with Affiliate marketing to expand membership network. "


Trustless & Secure

All activities occur in smart contract. There are no requests to the users. We never keep money.


We offer quick and simple transactions, you can easily access and trade with ORI

High Quality

Our system ensure the transaction will always be smooth and reliable.

Instant deals

No waiting for confirmation, no deposit required. Instantly get your Token once your transaction is linked in Blockchains.


Compatible with existing ERC20 wallets. No need to change to integrate with ORI.

The Low Transaction Fee

All the transactions will be done quickly and safety with the lowest fee.


- ORI will sell at a maximum amount of 9 million ORI

- The amount of sales will be limited to one account, so investors can only buy the maximum amount of 50,000 ORI / UserID.

ORI ICO Apportion:

- 20% will be available to Publishers

- 50% for Research and Development of ORI ecosystem

- 20% for Marketing, Community development

- 10% for Internal Investors

The ORI ICO schedule will take place in three phases:

- Round 1 from 20-30/11/2017: selling the first 2 million ORI at the price of $0.06

- Round 2 from 1-8/12/2017: selling the next 2 million ORI at the price of $0.09

- Round 3 from 9-20/12/2017: selling the next 5 million ORI at the price of $0.2


  • Idea and web wallet

  • ORI initial coin offering

  • DDos attack protection

  • Trading on etherdelta.com

  • Start lending program

  • Improve website features

  • Start exchange local

  • Trading on idex.market

  • Trading on cryptopia.co.nz

  • Listing on coinmarketcap

  • IOS/Android wallet launch

  • Trade on the exchange program

  • Community ORI launch

  • Improve website features

  • Ecosystems

  • Debit card

  • Establishing payment options for business to business, business to customer

  • Support cross-chain trading

Help & Support Ticket

We are very responsive to messages

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Contract Address: 0x87DCb57DfDee3fdD2b967c2a5fAA7Bcd44bE4A0D

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